you are sweeter than honey

no wonder the bees chase after you

i don’t blame them

so do i



six words

graphite is loud

voice box missing



your eyes are full of light

when you look at me

little bits of those sunbeams

gleaming back, i see

overcome with warmth

no more insecurities

you look a lot like forever to me


love at first sight of the soul

if love at first sight occurs, i have not experienced it yet. i have found that the people i truly love, didn’t even catch my eye at first glance. it happened over time. something both breathtakingly beautiful, yet drastic, all at once. something that holds so much power, it makes us scared. the process has always happened gradually for me, and if it didn’t, i soon realized it was never love at all. if i see a glimpse of your soul, something so real and so raw, everything else about you becomes beautiful. that’s what often makes me believe it was love at first sight because it then becomes difficult to imagine a time when you weren’t beautiful. so I guess it was love at first sight of the soul.

this generation

writing in my memos searching for the right words to say

it doesn’t have to be this way

prone to overthinking and driving myself insane

i’ve figured out if you’re just flat out honest

it really helps the brain

why in this generation, cell phones in the way

do we limit ourselves to abbreviations and a single smiley face

for i hate small talk and “how was your day?”

when all i really want to say is

combinations of the letters of the alphabet arranged in different ways

that make for deep conversation cause i could talk to you all day

i like to dance around my living room

in socks that are way too big

a sweater that is way too big

with a cat that is a little heavier than she should be

and a heart that is just the same

not sure what i’m looking for

not sure when it’s coming

but i know for a fact i can’t paint my nails like a lady

and they better be okay with that


a wabi-sabi heart

in Japan, when a piece of pottery cracks or breaks, it is filled with gold.

wabi-sabi is a concept of finding beauty in imperfections.

i’d like to think there’s a lot of gold in broken hearts.

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