my heart beats against my chest

it wants to break away from that barrier

and reaches for my sleeve

oh, how it loves to lay there

words flow out of my pencil

as if their only purpose is for

the graphite to kiss the paper

every chance it gets

the thoughts cannot be contained

as they spill out from my brain

sometimes they leave a stain

others just a watermark

soon to disappear as if they never



salty tears and

peppered freckles

you are fully human

in a world full of ‘savages’

and that’s what makes you


internal battle: the head & the heart

just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you’re meant to be with them.  my heart has caught up with my head.  i’ve brought myself to this conclusion that what i know and what i feel are somewhat fighting with each other, yet they both know the answer.  still, that doesn’t make it any easier.

morning car ride wisdom

advice from my father on the key to a working relationship:

your most important values have to be the same

and if they’re the same

the little details can be different

he deserves a love like his own,

and so do i

people should look up at the stars more often, it’s the best freakin’ therapy i can think of

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