you are sweeter than honey

no wonder the bees chase after you

i don’t blame them

so do i




your eyes are full of light

when you look at me

little bits of those sunbeams

gleaming back, i see

overcome with warmth

no more insecurities

you look a lot like forever to me


internal battle: the head & the heart

just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you’re meant to be with them. my heart has caught up with my head. i’ve brought myself to this conclusion that what i know and what i feel are somewhat fighting with each other, yet they both know the answer. still, that doesn’t make it any easier.

red paint

he stared at me and i felt

bright red brush across my

cheeks, his eyes started to

crinkle as i tried to rub it off,

but it only smeared

a tangled web of simplicity

when you’re in love with someone, i’ve found that you love them so much you don’t understand how a person could not love them like you do. so when i see someone else hanging out with you, my mind automatically thinks that they love you like i do.


your belly laughs are


and i’m not afraid of that

kind of sick

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