Questions in Class

i never understood the questions in class

“tell me what they should do,

how they should be”

i would say they can do what they wish

for they are them

and i am me

“no, that’s not a valid answer”

“i want your opinion”

“you are being lazy for what has been given”

no, i will not press my beliefs on others

for that is rude, disrespectful, and unkind

to one another

for i have lived with this all my life

“your opinion is wrong and mine is right”

and still as i sit with the questions in mind

i can only think of one answer




what you should do

and what you should be

is whatever makes you happy

’cause it’s not affecting me

the suicide rates are at their highest peak

because of people telling others of how they should be

now i stop and think

that is crazy

because people are dying

over others’ protrayed views of a “perfect” society

now all i have

is one little request:

to think of a world full of diversity

as a beautiful treasure chest

because i never understood the questions in class



six words

graphite is loud

voice box missing


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